Computer Writes 200,000 Books, Man Takes Credit

Using his self-designed AI program, Philip M. Parker has "authored" 200,000 books without ever lifting his pen. While his work features some self-explanatory medical texts like The Official Patient's Sourcebook on Acne Rosacea, most of Parker's publications are 100-300 page industry analysis pieces like DAGENHAM MOTORS GROUP PLC: Labor Productivity Benchmarks and International Gap Analysis. Parker uses his automated software to do basic market research (scouring the internet to pull various facts and figures), and then to completely assemble the book (with charts, a full table of contents and plenty of text). Each can take anywhere from 13 minutes to 3 hours. Here's a clip in which Parker shows off the process:

While the bulk manufacture of micro niche topic publications is Parker's current approach, the clip above shows that Parker is very much interested in expanding his system to create things like turn-key game shows in alternate languages—still exploiting niche markets—but this time from the perspective of the entertainment sector, not business/industry.


We wish Parker the best of luck, and appreciate his computer's continued support as it continues to churn out the posts here at Giz. [NYTimes via BoingBoing]

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