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Conan Comedy Clip Satirizes Samsung's Apple Jealousy

At this point, the Apple v. Samsung trial has become something of a joke—at least to the hyper aware tech community. "Crisis of design," you say? Oh for crying out loud. And now, the late night crowd is ready for comment as well. Conan, tonight, aired a video short satirizing Samsung's gimlet-eyed Apple affinity, with a faux CEO dressed much like Apple's black-tee-and-jeans crew, and line of home appliances named and modeled after certain of Apple's best sellers. It's funny, okay? Just watch it already. [9to5Mac]


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Gizmodo is for Americans only? if you are, let us know... I was rather under the impression you are an international site... :)

If you post content that is restricted to US only, at least have a clear message at the beginning of the post: "this post is for Americans only". So we do not waste our time and get frustrated.

I realize you do not control the content rights, but you can at least let us know in advance that we cannot watch it.