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Conan Knows How We're Really Using Siri

Illustration for article titled Conan Knows How Were iReally/i Using Siri

She's only been on the job for a little over a week, but already Siri has to be the most overworked, underappreciated, and abused personal assistant on the planet.


Apple's most recent ad might highlight the more productive ways she can be used, like for scheduling meetings, firing off text messages, or reminding you of appointments. But Conan's crack editing team has enhanced that ad with a glimpse at how iPhone 4S owners are probably actually putting Siri's infinite wisdom to the test. [Team Coco via TechCrunch]

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Denver is too damn high

'sort of' on topic... does anyone know if Siri does math well? I was in the car and heard a report where the numbers seemed way off but I couldn't do the math in my head... I would have loved to ask Siri to do a little long division for me.