Concept: Apple iServe

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Tech Analyst, Tom Rowley, is claiming that there is a immediate need for a consumer version of the Apple Xserve, with massive storage. I think he's dead wrong.


Rowley seems like he's pushing a little too hard for this idea. While having a feature like auto syncing of content added to iTunes would be nice. Nearly all of his other wishes are doable with a current Mac Mini, Or at best a Mac Mini with slight modifications.

For instance, my Mac Mini is set up with over 1/2 a terabyte of space that is streaming my music and video files across my entire apartment. And on top of that I have Chronosync checking my music and video folders for new content to sync from my laptops to the mini. Seems like all the space and content management that I need.

Am I missing something here? Would you find it so much more useful to have a dedicated server at home, that you would go out and purchase an iServe? Or would a Mac Mini serve your needs?

A boom in digital content and DRM headaches will drive "Apple iServ"-like products [New Rowley]



I think they need to skip this step. They need to get UPnP hardware boxes. Basically MythTV set top boxes. Those can do everything you're saying. and a hell of a lot more. should cost about the same in my opinion, but i'm not all that familiar with that area. I guess cost more in man hours to develop better front ends and extra for the tv tuner cards, but I plan on spending less than $600 to build a mini-itx set top box, with UPnP (which allows for streaming of all of its media to any other device which supports UPnP or of course any computer), TIVO-esque capabilities, plenty of storage for all media, etc etc etc.

Skip this. Joe Public doesn't need a "server" at home. If they need a server at home they need to learn more and thus become not-joe-public anymore. Joe Public wants a central station for all his media crap, but this would best be served in a set top box where all they have to do to get the media thats on the set top to their laptop or mac or mac mini or palm device is a simple piece of software or UPnP support.

I think UPnP needs to get more attention from these guys. Perhaps only cause I just recently discovered it and am looking at the many many amazing ways to implement it here at home.