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Confirmations, Ranked

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Here are some ways to communicate the general concept of “yes.” They all mean the same thing. Except they don’t all mean the same thing, especially when you get one in passive aggressive slack chat from one of your coworkers. They mean different things even though they all technically mean the same thing. Crazy.


24.) you bet

23.) okay

22.) mhmm

21.) uh huh

20.) yeah

19.) fersher

18.) y

17.) okedoke

16.) hokay

15.) got it

14.) sure

13.) ok

12.) alright

11.) roger

10.) kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

9.) yep

8.) copy

7.) YEAH

6.) yessir

5.) k

4.) fosho

3.) word

2.) kk

1.) yes

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Brent Rose

Fuck yeah? Hell yes? Damn straight? Yup?

Gravy baby?