Confirmed: CERN Is Just a Huge Half-Life Level

Plenty of people have given CERN and Half-Life's Black Mesa research facility the This Thing Looks Like That Thing treatment, but this tour of the facility's deepest bowels is just too much. Steam geysers? Endless corridors? Rusty valves? Slime growths?

Separate from the LHC itself, CERN's labs are sprawling and fairly old, so it's understandable if they're a little industrio-creepy. Which they are!


But considering the facilities are intended for similar purposes (in theory), and the CERN already employs a real-life Gordon Freeman, the likeness here is just uncanny, as if CERN ripped the models and textures from Valve's FPS and somehow actualized them. (Or, you know, the other way around, which actually makes sense.) Check out the full gallery at: [CERNLove via Reddit]

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