Confirmed: Sprint Mogul Gets Rev. A and GPS-Enabling ROM Update

Sprint Mogul's ROM update will be available for direct download later today, confirming yesterday's rumor. As expected, the update includes EV-DO Rev. A, GPS capabilities, and other tweaks and fixes. Laptop Magazine found faster music and web page downloads, as well as an upload speed boost of 105 Kbps in their test of the update. In other news, the iPhone still has EDGE. [Mogul update, Laptop, AP]




Now if only the ROM would catch up to the custom ROMs us Mogul users have been using for weeks now. I'm on no2chem's nueROM 2.0 build 5051 which is running Windows Mobile 6.1 (with built-in threaded SMS), heavy customizations to drastically improve performance, and the GPS/Rev A from the previously-leaked 3.16 ROM from Sprint. This new ROM has ONLY an improved radio, so is otherwise a huge step down from what we've been using from unofficial sources for a while now. Only plus side to this is someone will surely extract the new radio and cook it into our custom ROMs within the next day or so, and we'll be in better shape again.