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Confirmed: Those North Korean Communist Assclowns Are Pathetic

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Those North Koreans are a joke, starting with their stupid leaders, their military imbeciles, the moronic scientists and the state party sheep that cry for their dead leaders while half of the country is dying of starvation. Witness their latest inanity after failing to launch another of their useless rockets: a parade of fake long-range missiles.

To demonstrate their inexistent technology, these clowns decided to create a bunch of fake missiles and show them around in the parade to honor the 100th anniversary of the number one chump, the guy who turned everyone into drones and/or slaves under his terror communist regime: Kim Il whateverthefuck. I can't even bother to check his name.


So while Vice Marshal Ri Yong Ho was claiming that North Korea was capable of "defeating the United States with a single blow" or destroying Seoul within minutes, they were actually parading fake missiles.

But hold on, because they are so lamestatically dimwitted that they couldn't even get their fake missiles right. They used thin metal to shape the warheads, so flimsy that it shook while the launchers paraded in front of the rest of the idiots applauding this absurd display of useless metal.


Not only that but, according to analysts everywhere, the missiles were a cocktail of liquid- and solid-fuel stages that would never fly together. And every missile was different from the other, even while they were supposed to be the same model: the KN-08. Heck, the missiles didn't even fit in the launchers that were carrying them.

According to Markus Schiller and Robert Schmucker—of Schmucker Technologies, a NATO advisor—"there's no doubt that these missiles were mock-up." Not only that, but they say that this is proof that North Korea is very far away from having a ICBM. According to them, was just "a dog and pony show."


And, in the meantime, people are dying in their country from starvation. Sad. [Toronto Star]