There was a minor media frenzy over Apple secretly tracking your iPhone 4 today, so naturally the government wants in on the action. The FCC and representatives from both houses of Congress have said they'll look into the matter.

An FCC official told Politico that the commission intended to look into the matter of Apple secretly tracking the GPS location data of its users and recording it in unencrypted files. Meanwhile, Sen. Al Franken sent Steve Jobs a letter asking many of the questions that most of us have been tossing around—why, how, to what end?—and expresses concern over many of the implications of the practice. Rep. Jay Inslee, a member of the House Energy and Commerce Committee, said he would not only press Apple for answers, but seek "comprehensive online privacy legislation" to address similar issues in the future.


Which hopefully means we'll find out in more detail what's going on here, one way or another. [Politico]

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