Congress: Stop Wasting Time Trying for a Verizon iPhone and Actually Help Us Out

The New York Times' David Pogue has a great story condemning Congress for trying to outlaw exclusivity contracts instead of implementing changes in the cellphone industry that would actually benefit consumers. Down with those outlandish, unfair fees!

Pogue's mainly concerned with the silly fees levied on consumers for certain actions despite said actions not costing carriers hardly any money at all (text messaging, we're looking at you). One that we didn't even realize is the sneaky tactic of keeping users on the line for extra time to hear inane instructions like "When you're done recording your message, you may hang up." If you're out of minutes, your carrier is actually going to charge you to listen to those! That's worthy of a good fist-shake, or better yet, some Congressional intervention. [New York Times]


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