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At 5PM EST, we'll be holding a contest to give away 11 accounts on, a new online file storage service. 10 winners will receive a 1GB account for a year, while one big winner will get a 10GB online storage account with for life (or the life of the company, of course, which will hopefully be way past the point where 10GB of online storage is notable). If you'd like to take a crack at it, log into in the irc client of your choice, join #gizmodo, and be ready to spit out your half-baked technology trivia answers as fast as possible.

And just to get this started right, the first five people who email my gizmodo gmail account (not the account) with the name of the post from yesterday that has the term '' hidden inside it will get one of the 11 accounts (the big 10GB account will be selected from the 11 total winners at random).


Contest Page [Box.Net]
Demo Page [Box.Net]

Update: We've got the email winners. Check into IRC is a few hours for another chance to win.

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