Contest: Win an HDTV and a Windows Media Center Extender

Who doesn't want a free HDTV? Nobody! That's why we're giving away a free HDTV (up to $1000 value) and a free Windows Media Center Extender so you can watch your TV shows, videos and listen to music no matter where you are in the house. Sound good? Well, you're going to have to show us that you deserve it this time. It's not just any old $150 iPod we're giving away here. Read carefully and follow the rules. Here's how you can win.

The requirements. Take a picture of you, your wife, your girlfriend, your friend, or whoever, standing seductively next to the lousiest gadget you can find. We're going to grade on two things, how lousy the gadget is and how seductive the person is.


Here is an example our own Sean Fallon came up with. "I think a hot chick next to a Betamax would be hilarious." Yes, Sean, a hot woman pouting seductively next to a Betamax machine would be hilarious. But this doesn't have to be limited to women. If you, a male, leaning sexfully next to an ENIAC or an old time telephone switch gets in the running as well. Remember, we're grading on two sets of criteria here. Feel free to experiment with the "seductive" or "lousy" part. Remember, you don't have to be sexy; creativity makes up a lot of it as well. If you make us laugh really hard, you're golden.

Contest ends on February 8. Send all entries to with the subject "Media Center Contest". Standard Gawker contest rules apply.

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