I spend all day online, but sometimes I like to pretend that I'm doing something exciting out there in the real world. Vectorial Elevation let me control 20 gigantic spotlights in Vancouver. I almost forget I was in my sweatpants.

The site is one component of a telerobotic art installation that includes twenty spotlights scattered along both sides of Vancouver's English Bay. After you position them in any configuration you please, you can view your handiwork from the feeds of four webcams located at various points nearby.


As the internet is comprised largely of nerds who seek this same illusion, you might have to wait in the queue for a while to take control. But it's worth it: the spotlights are visible for nearly ten miles, so if you're stuck at home tonight it could be your best bet for human interaction. Interaction that doesn't involve chatroulette or your level 60 paladin, anyway. [Vectorial Vancouver via BoingBong]

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