Convert Vinyl to CD With the Teac GF-350

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Old farts like me remember vinyl: deliciously shiny slabs of plastic filled with the latest pop tunes. And old farts like me still have vinyl lying around that we can't listen to because our record players haven't been the same since we tried to use them to drive a disco ball. Fortunately, there's the Teac GF-350, a funky $330 device that converts vinyl records into CDs, and David Pogue of the New York Times takes his usual quirky look at the product here.
Check out the video for a glimpse of Pogue circa 1985, complete with the appropriate 1980's hair. The downer of the device is that you have to use special Music CDs, which, of course, cost more than normal blank CD-Rs. And the sound quality isn't great: he describes it as listenable, but without much bass And there's no audio output, so you can't use it as a record player. Oh well, I never liked that disco ball all that much...