Could Magnetic Ties Be the Death Of the Tie Clip?

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Unless you're required to symbolically hang yourself every morning for work, you probably don't have a collection of tie clips for the rare time you do dress up. But with a Magnetie around your neck, you can be assured that both ends won't be flapping about thanks to the power of rare earth magnets.


Indistinguishable from your standard silk neck adornment, the Magneties forgo the need for a tie tack because both ends already stick together on their own. That alone makes the $50 price tag seem like the deal of the century, but there's more. Because there's no need for a fabric loop to keep them tethered, the ties are also reversible, with stripes on one side and a solid color on the other. So it's like getting two ties for the price of one, or you can think of it as spill insurance if you're prone to getting mustard and ketchup stains during lunch. Either way, dressing up just got slightly more tolerable. [Magnetie via The Gadgeteer]



You do realize that in many cases, tie clips are used to keep the tie close to the shirt right?

Most ties have 'keepers' or 'self loops' that keep the back blade in place - no way I'd buy a tie with a magnet as a replacement for that. Also, the difference in construction to make these reversible seems to all but guarantee they won't hold their shape very well over time or drape very well.