Couple-It Handset Takes a More Practical View on Convergence

When it comes to convergence, the trend these days is to cram all sorts of functionality into a single device—even if those functions seem to be massively impractical given the limitations of current technology. However, a UK based design firm named Alloy has taken a more practical approach with their Couple-IT concept. The unit consists of a handset and a pocket-sized "laptop" that share information over a network.

The idea is that you can do more detailed work with your information using the laptop, but access that shared info using your handset while on the go. While there are currently plenty of ways to sync info between mobile devices and computers, the Couple-IT promises a more thorough coupling using twin SIMs and software. Perhaps a concept like this might be able to hold the fort while we wait for handsets to become more robust convergent devices. [Alloy via 3g via Core 77]


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