Couple Says "I Do" In Zero Gravity, Leads Subsequently More Boring Life Together

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It's not hard to spend $16,000 (or much, much more) on a wedding. So you might as well get a zero gravity flight out of the deal.

New Yorkers Erin Finnegan and Noah Fulmor tied the knot on Zero Gravity Corp's G-Force One, a padded Boeing 727-200 flown with parabolic zero-g-inducing maneuvers.

The bride had to tie her hair down so that it didn't float. The groom wired his tux tails so that they wouldn't develop a mind of their own.


As you might expect, the ceremony was actually quite awkward since it consisted of a multiple microgravity first-timers donning formal gowns. At one point, a member of the bridal party's ring floated off, confusing the bride and groom as to just what to do with a third wedding band.

And then there was the magic of the first kiss:

"The physics of the first kiss were off. I could feel where I was going, I knew where I needed to be, but it was hard to reconcile the differences," he told reporters.

"Noah knocked into my nose and I thought it would bleed," Finnegan said.

Beautiful. Read the full story over at Reuters. [Reuters via Bornrich]