Court Sentences Man to 100 Apologetic Tweets

In the modern-day equivalent (I guess?) of scrawling your apologies on a chalkboard, a Malaysian court has ordered social activist Fahmi Fadzil to say he's sorry 100 times on Twitter. Hope no one told him how to copy and paste.

Fadzil's crime? Tweeting in January that one of his friends had been mistreated by her employer, a magazine run by BluInc Media. Slander! Libel! And even though he wrote an apology tweet a few hours later—of his own volition—he was by then already a legal target.


In the next three days, Fadzil has to tweet the message 100 times. As you can see above, he's got 79 to go. It's a silly punishment, sure, but it befits the silliness of the charges. And ultimately, all it's going to do is garner Fadzil quite a few more followers for the next time he decides to—GASP—speak his mind. [Fahmi Fadzil via The Next Web]

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