Crafty Hack Turns a Mouse, Salad Tongs, and a Bar Stool Into a Video Game Steering Wheel

If you don’t feel like spending $150+ on a steering wheel controller after already dropping $80 on a video game, you can always improvise like YouTuber chobiglass did. Using a pair of salad tongs, a computer mouse, and a spinning bar stool, they hacked together a pretty serviceable steering wheel accessory for the game, Euro Truck Simulator 2.

The setup isn’t quite a simple plug-and-play affair. You’ll need to tweak the mouse’s sensitivity in order to make the movements of the spinning bar stool translate properly to the in-game steering wheel. But once it’s working properly, the clever hack genuinely looks like it makes a game about driving a delivery truck seem like a lot of fun.


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I’ve always wanted a good steering wheel for Forza on my Xbox, but couldn’t bring myself to spend the dough on one and then build some kind of a platform to mount it on to place it in front of my couch (or figure out where to store such a thing when not playing). Anyone come up with a brilliant solution to that?