Crazy IBM ThinkPad W700ds Has Integrated Secondary Display

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The new IBM ThinkPad W700 has an integrated secondary display. Foldable, 10.6 inches of it, with 768 x 1,280 pixels and LED backlight. Color us impressed. The amazing feature list doesn't stop there.


Not only you won't have to wait to get that tri-screen MacBook Pro-ok, you will have to wait for that, because this one only has two displays-but the IBM ThinkPad W700 feature list is absolutely impressive:

• Intel® Core 2 Duo, Core 2 Extreme, and Core 2 Quad Core Q9100 processors

• Main 17-inch 1,920 x 1,200 display, CCFL backlight

• NVIDIA Quadro Express graphics technology

• Intel Turbo Memory 4GB module support

• 4 GB memory DIMM

• Integrated color calibration

• Wacom onboard palm rest digitizer and pen

• Integrated 10.6-inch 768 x 1,280 secondary display, LED backlight

• 64 GB solid state drive

• DisplayPort

• Dual Link DVI

• Integrated camera

• Dual RAID HDD high-speed storage (250GB max, one could be 64GB SSD)

• Wireless LAN Intel WiFi Link 5300

• ThinkVantage® technologies

• Trusted ThinkPad layered security

Yes, expect it to be big: 10.9 pounds with one hard drive installed. [IBM via NoteBook Review-Thanks Leo]


Iron Sheep

Just get a desktop with dual displays. It will cost half as much and not look like ass.