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After the jump, prepare for a leap in logic that goes from Gizmodo insulting a Queen to a "breakdown in civilizaiton" that leads to "another 'dark ages.'"

What fell mind experiments did the government perform on the Naval Academy Class of '79?

Charles spasms:

I read this column almost every day for over a year. Something about Gizmodo has been irritating me. It think it's your attempt at humor that makes me uncomfortable.

For example, you can't show disrespect for the Queen. The "lobster claw" comment is bad. This is akin to spitting on your wife's grandmother. She's an old lady... what are you thinking? Would you give her a seat on the subway? Probably not. You'd probably sit there listening to your iPod. By the way, iPods and the like are boring because they isolate people from their surroundings and makes them cold and unfeeling to the world around them.

Some institutions in the world, like the church, must stay intact or it causes a breakdown in civilization. There must be a counterbalance that allows some sort of order; if not you get chaos and anarchy. With this comes another "dark ages".

This is irresponsible. You can't do this to the Queen. You're really stupid you know.

You guys suck. It's media reporting like this that makes the U.S. ever increasingly a horrible place to live.

I'm not reading Gizmodo anymore. Good luck, I hope you make a lot of money.

U.S. Naval Academy, '79

P.S. You guys suck, how can you 'dis an old lady?!


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