Crazy RFID-Enabled Poker Table Knows Every Card in the Deck

Australian Andrew Milner built a poker table equipped with RFID chips for every single card and HD cameras to track every movement. His setup can even tell where cards lie in a full, vertical deck.

Tiny RFID cards are attached to each card, and movements are monitored with four separate HD cameras, all running into a video encoder to create a live feed. A custom bit of software mixes the feeds with the data from the RFID chips, creating a live feed where the viewer can see exactly where each card is and what each player is doing. Even when in a full deck, the RFID chips are thin enough to stack properly, and the viewer would know when each card will be dealt.


Apparently the setup cost Milner about $7000 and three months to build, but it's very impressive for what it is. Why anybody would want to have this sort of thing outside a television studio doesn't make much sense to me, but Milner, a chairman of an IT company, loves the level of detail it brings to his games. [Giz AU]

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