Crazy Rotating Wall Makes You Wonder if You Are Crazy Too

Click to viewThe UK city of Liverpool is playing host to a rather kooky piece of artwork for the next 18 months. Called Turning The Place Over (I do hope that's not a reference to Scousers being nifty burglars) by Richard Wilson, it consists of a rotating wall that turns 360º. Cut in the wall of an old Yates's Wine Lodge, the installation sits opposite one of the city's train stations and is costing almost $900,000 - that's $50,000 for each month of its existence.


I guess it will make moving in so much easier: you will be able to just "open" the wall and get that grand piano in without having to use two spazmos* who think they are Laurel and Hardy.

* Spazmos-Spazmozikis: noun. Ancient greek. Very stupid man. Very.

City's new room with a view - but is it art? [icLiverpool]


philselmer: Sure, why not, it's just that you've created shitty and very unoriginal art, considering Duchamp took a urinal and turned it upside down 90 years ago.

The whole discussion about "is it art, or is not?" is boring, because if you push those people who says it's NOT, they'd have a friggin difficult time trying to define where art ends and the real world (so to speak) begins - or where the latter ends, and the former begins if you like.

It's much more interesting to ask "does it work? for you?" If it doesn't, fine, if it does, even better. But please don't be the art nazi who says "HEY, THAT'S NOT ART BECAUSE I JUST RIDICULED IT AND IF I CAN RIDICULE IT IT ISN'T ART!"

And for god's sake - the "did the tax payers pay for this?!!"-argument is so, so old. The British should be a lot more pissed about the money Blair's spent in Iraq, not the fact that they've used a few million quid on an art work that large parts of the mainstream media are talking/writing about today. I'm sure the commercial value for the city of Liverpool is pretty good if you want to talk about this in purely economical terms.