Click to viewThe UK city of Liverpool is playing host to a rather kooky piece of artwork for the next 18 months. Called Turning The Place Over (I do hope that's not a reference to Scousers being nifty burglars) by Richard Wilson, it consists of a rotating wall that turns 360º. Cut in the wall of an old Yates's Wine Lodge, the installation sits opposite one of the city's train stations and is costing almost $900,000 - that's $50,000 for each month of its existence.

I guess it will make moving in so much easier: you will be able to just "open" the wall and get that grand piano in without having to use two spazmos* who think they are Laurel and Hardy.


* Spazmos-Spazmozikis: noun. Ancient greek. Very stupid man. Very.

City's new room with a view - but is it art? [icLiverpool]