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This week, the Photoshop Contest is gonna be a little different. How so? Well, it's not going to be a Photoshop Contest at all. It's going to be an MS Paint Contest. Last week we saw some of the most technically-proficient entries in a contest yet, which was awesome. But let's lower the barrier to entry here. Not everyone is a Photoshop genius, but pretty much everyone can create an MS Paint masterpiece. Which is why this week, by popular demand, I want you to create your vision of the future for me using everyone's favorite rudimentary image editor. This being a unique contest does mean, however, that there are some extra caveats. Read on.


First of all, I'm expecting a boatload of entries for this one because so many more people have the necessary tools. That means the standards are raised on this one. Since making it pretty isn't necessary, only the funniest and most creative entries will make it. Nobody wants a gallery with 500 MS Paint abortions in it. I'll be whittling it down to the best of the best, so put some effort in.

Secondly, don't, for the love of god, send me BMP files. I know that's what the default setting is, but I think my inbox would explode if I suddenly got hundreds of emails with 1.5MB image files attached. Use PNG, JPG or GIF. As usual, name your files FirstnameLastname.jpg (or .gif or .png) so you're credited properly for your genius.


Thirdly… have fun! I want to see some balls-out crazy entries here, and I'm sure I won't be disappointed. I can't wait to see what you nutbags come up with.

Got it? Send me your non-bitmap files to I'll post the Gallery of MS Paint Champions on Tuesday.

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