Creating the World’s Largest Light Painting

Last year, Michael Bosanko created what is reportedly the world's largest ever light painting. This video shows how he did it.


Having commandeered a 35,000-square-foot aircraft hangar in Coventry, UK, Bosanko set to creating a continuously drawn, Hallowe'en-themed light painting. To achieve the result, pictured below, the shutter of his camera was open for a staggering 60 minutes. With so much room for error, the result is amazing—and it's fascinating to hear him talk about how he achieved it. [YouTube via PetaPixel]

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Buzz Mega

I would have approached this a bit different. Each figure would have been a separate exposure, then combined in Photoshop using layers with Screen blending mode. That produces the identical effect of a double (or multiple) exposure. While not the "all in one take" idea seen here, the opportunity to edit for greater impact and lower errors would have been preserved. The age old question of performance or finesse.