Creative Fatal1ty Keyboard: Same Shit, Different Name

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Here is an shot of the Fatal1ty keyboard being manufactured by Creative with Jonathan "Fatal1ty" Wendel's logo plastered all across it. Keyboard look familiar? It should, it is damn near identical to the Auravision EluminX that we first told you about almost four years ago! What's up Fatal1ty? No new ideas for a keyboard?

The keyboard has backlighting that can be turned on and off. The keyset is the Sunrex keyset, which is similar to the feel of a laptop keyboard and has a quick response time, shorter keystrokes, etc. I think the best feature of all about this keyboard is that there are no bells or whistles. It is a keyboard. Period. No fancy calculator buttons or media buttons. It's got the letters and that is really all you need in a keyboard. Expect to pay around $50 or $60 when this keyboard hits the shelves mid-September.


Product Page [Creative]

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