Illustration for article titled Creative Vado HD Pocketcam V2 Features Direct Transfer to iMovie, Slightly Better OS X Support

Creative today announced their second-generation line of Vado HD pocket camcorders. The most interesting tidbit is the new Mac-friendlier Vado Central software, which allows for easy direct transfer to iMovie. Even better, that software will also work for older Vados.


The hardware itself doesn't seem much changed; the Vado HD will still be available in a $200 8GB version and will be joined by a new 4GB version priced at $180. There'll also be two new colors, but the big news is really the software. The two new Vado HDs are available for pre-order today from Creative (though they don't seem to be up on the site quite yet), and the software should be released early this month. [Creative]


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