Creative Zen Vision:M SD

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Creative Japan just put out a press release to say it's repackaging the Zen Vision:M mp3 player and selling it for less, where by "repackaging" all it really means is "removing the AC adapter and giving the whole deal a different name", that name being Zen Vision: M SD. Now, our iPod Nano came with just a USB cable and we didn't give it much thought since the damn thing spends a lot of time plugged into our laptop anyway, so this doesn't exactly seem revolutionary to us. We know AC adapters are fairly cheap to manufacture, so maybe this is just a move to lower prices on the Zen Vision:M while still saving face?

The real mystery is that Creative's online retail price for the Vision:M SD is ¥37,800, and it's supposed to be available on their shop and starting today—but not only does it not come up on Amazon just yet, but they're listing the Vision:M (the one with the AC adapter) for ¥32,500, which is less than the new "cheaper" SD package. What gives, Creative?


Creative ZEN VISION:M 30GB SD press release [ (translated) via Generation MP3 via Uber Gizmo]