Creative "Zii" Moniker Resurfaces On Mysterious Touchscreen Media Player

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Creative hasn't really been doing much at all for the last year. Except this, apparently: here's an FCC filing for a Zii touchscreen PMP, which shares a name their unusual system on a chip announced in January.


From the patent, we can see that the Zii is a wi-fi-equipped touchscreen media player, fitted with an "HD" camera, Bluetooth, and, well, that's about all we know. The presence of a developer version, called the Zii Egg, seems to promise some kind of app support, though it'd be a mistake to immediately jump to the conclusion that the Zii will therefore have an app store; it could just be a dev platform for third parties who could be developing stock apps for the device.


Oooooooor, as Engadget plausibly suggests, this could be a part of the first wave of Android PMPs, which would, like any Android phone, have root-access developer units. In that case, Creative has what could be an interesting product: a touchscreen, connected PMP with a decent camera and a worthwhile app store, making it a more direct competitor to the iPod Touch than we've ever seen before. For now, though, questions! Like what was up with the strange language in your "Zii Stemcell" announcement, and how closely are these two things connected? In due time, I guess. In due time. [FCC via Engadget]

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Looks to me like they're ripping off the iPod Touch form factor and the Wii name. I guess it's cheaper than developing your own brand identity...