Crestron Home Automation Systems Are Now iPad Compatible

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Crestron is one of the biggest names behind home automation. They've already released an iPhone app, allowing you to control your "AV systems, lighting, shades, room temperatures and more" from your phone. Now that app is coming to the iPad.


Just like with the iPhone version, iPad users will be able to interact with their Crestron systems over Wi-Fi, 3G and Edge. Here's what the interface loos like on the iPhone (the iPad version should be identical).

Is Crestron's latest support for the iPad a surprise? Not at all. But tablets have the potential to bring down the price of these fancy home automation systems by a significant margin, all while offering the convenience of controlling the operation with AAA, vetted gear that can serve a purpose beyond closing your blinds.

We're assuming the pricing ranges from free to $100 (on the basic and "Pro" versions, respectively), just as it is on the iPhone now. No word release date, but obviously you can't use it until the iPad is actually out. (Apologies if that's a crushing surprise.)



Crestron Mobile Apps Turn the Apple® iPad into a Crestron Touchpanel

ROCKLEIGH, NJ, February 19, 2010 – Crestron today announced that a simple download from the iTunes® App Store transforms the Apple® iPad into a full Crestron touchpanel. A tap on the Apple tablet screen provides real-time control of Crestron AV systems, lighting, shades, room temperatures and more, from any location. Just like the iPhone® and iPod touch®, the iPad seamlessly communicates with a Crestron control system via the 3G, 3GS or EDGE cellular networks or Wi-Fi.

"Crestron is committed to offering great solutions for integrating Apple products into the home, school and office," said Vincent Bruno, Crestron Director of Marketing. "Our Mobile apps are fully compatible with the iPad, and we're delighted to add the iPad to our selection of Apple-based solutions."

Other Apple-based Crestron solutions include the iServer, which is the only audio server on the market that uses an iPod as its internal hard drive, and has won multiple awards for its innovative design and ease of use. Crestron XPanel for Mac® delivers remote access and control of Crestron systems from any connected iMac® or MacBook®, and Crestron iPod docks provide all the connectivity needed to share audio and video throughout an entire home or office AV system.

For more information about the complete Crestron line for Integration with Apple Products visit



When a developer takes the general layout of an app made for an iPhone/iPod Touch and then supersizes it a bit before compiling a version of it for the iPad instead of thoughtfully rearranging things and making use of the extra space, I feel like slapping the shit outta em with my meatbat.

True story.