Crowdfund a feminist SF anthology, a Fallout webseries, and affordable lab equipment

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We've got both science and science fiction projects vying for your crowdfunding dollars this weekend: an anthology of feminist speculative fiction, an affordable colorimeter kit, a webseries set in the Fallout universe, and another webseries set in a comic book shop.

Feminist Speculative Fiction Anthology: io9 contributors Ann and Jeff VanderMeer will be editing this anthology, which is looking to explore women's rights as well as other issues of gender, race, and class from a variety of perspectives. The book will feature new stories by current writers, and the publisher plans to additionally reprint older. stories from writers like Ursula K. Le Guin, Octavia E. Butler, Joanna Russ, and James Tiptree Jr. For a $15 pledge, you'll receive an ebook; for $25 you'll receive the finished print edition.

"Fallout: Nuka Break" Season 2: Fans of the post-apocalyptic Fallout games have enjoyed six episodes of the fan-made webseries Fallout: Nuka Break. Co-written by Atomic Robo writer Brian Clevinger, the series follows a former Vault dweller, a ghoul, and a freed New Vegas slave as they travel the Fallout wasteland. Now Wayside Creations is looking to fund a second season. For a $25 pledge, you'll receive an HD digital download of both seasons, as well as the team's heartfelt thanks.


Educational colorimeter kit: For science educators and DIY scientists, open source scientific instruments manufacturer IO Rodeo is making affordable colorimeter kits. No soldering is necessary, but the kits require a little assembly for added fun. In no time, you'll be measuring the concentrations of all sorts of solutions. For an $80 pledge, you'll receive a complete colorimeter kit.

"The Variants" season 3: Before Kevin Smith and his Comic Book Men, webseries The Variants was already lampooning the lives of comic book shop clerks. The third season will add Curt Franklin and Chris Haley of the webcomic Let's Be Friends Again to the cast. They've already reached their six-episode funding goal, but if they reach $10,000, they'll produce eight new episodes, and ten episodes at $12,000. For a $25 pledge, you'll receive HD downloads of the new season's episodes. For $35, you'll receive the downloads, plus a signed DVD.