Crowdfund Post-Apocalyptic Shakespeare, Actual Space Missions and more!

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Shakespearian Tragedy as Post Apocalyptic fare. Literal Fantasy Football. Missions to space! It's a veritable smorgasbord of goodness in our weekly look at all things Crowdfunding. Check it out!


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Ambition's Debt

Shakespeare's Julius Caesar is pretty great - but what happens when you transpose the setting to a near future, Post Apocalyptic Rome?

The concept is a kind of post-apocalyptic Rome, in which Caesar has restored a thriving and ordered society after a period of long and bitter wars. Costumes will be modern. But not suits and ties. More like remnants from a time before the collapse.

The approach will be very much like that of a stage production, leaning more toward minimalism and abstract storytelling techniques opposed to historical authenticity. I want to preserve the essence of a live performance and the experience of watching actors tell a story, while at the same time, create an amazing visual experience through dynamic cinematography.

A $25 pledge will get you a PDF of the screenplay as well as a digital download of the film when it's completed next year, while $50 gets you the script and the film on DVD.

The Alchemist's Letter


This gorgeous looking animated film, set in a fantastical past, is about an Alchemist's relationship with his children:

When Veridian, an estranged young man, receives his late alchemist father Nicolas' inheritance (voice of Academy Award nominated John Hurt), he is exposed to the ill-fated reality that his father built a tumultuous gold making machine powered by his own memories. The film takes us on an enchanted journey through the vessels of the machine where we explore the contents of the alchemist's most precious memories, all in an attempt to give his son one last life lesson and save his relationship with his daughter (voice of Eloise Webb) from following down the same fateful path.


Once again, a $25 backing pledge will get you a digital copy of the film itself, but other tiers include things from artbooks ($50) to tickets to the film's première ($200).

Helvetia Cup


Oh man, remember Blood Bowl? This new board game emulates the familiar vibes by transposing american football onto traditional fantasy characters. Plus, a team called The Bears literally made up of bears!

HELVETIA Cup is a fast-moving and intense fantasy soccer game which takes place in a small country called Helvetia. In this 2 players game each player acts as a coach to bring a team through epic games and into the ultimate championship. To win, you will need tactical skills, strategy and a good knowledge of each teams' strengths and weaknesses.


$35 gets you the base game and the miniatures to play, as well as an alternative ice-covered game board, but currently you can get a bundle including two expansion packs of Ogre and Vampire teams for $85 (or currently $75 as an 'early bird' offer).

Lunar Mission One


This one's a bit more ambitious compared to the usual stuff I feature in Crowdfund This, but oddly enough I heard about it on the BBC World Service and had to include it. Crowdfunding an actual mission to the Moon!

We plan to send an unmanned robotic landing module to the South Pole of the Moon – an area unexplored by previous missions.

We're going to use pioneering technology to drill down to a depth of at least 20m – 10 times deeper than has ever been drilled before – and potentially as deep as 100m. By doing this, we will access lunar rock dating back up to 4.5 billion years to discover the geological composition of the Moon, the ancient relationship it shares with our planet and the effects of asteroid bombardment. Ultimately, the project will improve scientific understanding of the early solar system, the formation of our planet and the Moon, and the conditions that initiated life on Earth.


£15 (roughly $23) gets you continued updates on the project as it develops, £30 ($47) gets you your name on a plaque to be included on the probe, and £60 ($94) gives you a spot in the 'digital memory capsule' that the probe will bury on the moon. Crowdfunding Space goodness! Kickstarter's grown to be a pretty weird and wonderful place.

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The Homework Ogre

£15 (roughly $) gets you continued updates on the project as it develops, £30 ($) gets you your name on a plaque to be included on the probe, and £60 ($)

$23.50, $47 and $94 (USD), respectively.