Crush Your Friends with Your Mental Powers Using Mindflex Duel

Playing with toys alone is pretty fun I guess, but any kind of amusement is at its most amusing when you're subordinating your friends to the might of your will. Mattel's Radica Mindflex Duel does that. With your brain waves.

The last Mindflex was neat, but more of a proof of concept—you moved a little ball around. Cool! But really, not that much of a thrill. The Mindflex Duel, as its name implies, pits you against a pal (and soon to be psychological enemy) to see who can force a little floating ball to the opposite end of the table. The Mattel rep on hand instructed us simply to concentrate as hard as we could. Concentrate. Concentrate. So I did, and lo and behold, the ball moved! But then I sort of stopped concentrating, and thought about taxes, and lost loves, and how I need to buy a new comforter, and I still moved the ball. So, maybe not a perfect system, but when you're staring into your opponent's eyes, brain against brain, it's a tense battle of wits. Or at least it feels like it. Check for this particularly mind-validating toy in August for $100.


Toy Fair is the annual event where we get to completely regress back to childhood and check out all of the awesome toys coming out for the rest of the year. And well, we love toys.

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This makes me think of The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.

"Between them would be placed a bottle of Janx Spirit. Each of the two contestants would then concentrate their will on the bottle and attempt to tip it and pour spirit into the glass of his opponent — who would then have to drink it.

The bottle would then be refilled. The game would be played again. And again.

Once you started to lose you would probably keep losing, because one of the effects of Janx spirit is to depress telepsychic power.

As soon as a predetermined quantity had been consumed, the final loser would have to perform a forfeit, which was usually obscenely biological.

Ford Prefect usually played to lose."