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We've mentioned Amp'd Mobile before, but since they gave me another look-see at their phones and services at CTIA, I figure it's worth re-hashing. As some of you already know, Amp'd Mobile is made for the younger set of cellphone consumers. Some of the major things that's setting them apart is a completely customized UI that is heavily focused on entertainment, as well as a large content database that will include live event coverage (like concerts), short video snippets, and so on. One thing was clear: they are not aiming to be another MobiTV. According to them, most young consumers would have already seen TV shows on TiVo, or on the Internet, and all they would be supplying would be supplements to that experience. For example, instead of a Desperate Housewives episode, you'll get interviews with the cast about that episode. There were other features like downloadable wallpapers and ringtones that didn't interest me too much, but I'll admit I was very intrigued by the UI's built-in ability to blog and check your RSS feeds on-the-fly (!!).

The first phone that they're rolling out with Kyocera is the Jet, seen here. It's a CDMA phone, with push-to-talk walkie-talkie features. The Jet is EVDO-capable, able to show 30 fps video, has a built-in VGA camera, and supports up to 2GB of memory. Word is that the phone itself will cost $99. As for the service fees, the Amp'd rep says that they're following the cable subscription model: there'll be the basic voice package, and consumers can add on a data package, a premium content package (like Sports), and even some On Demand items (like a music video). Pricing wasn't available yet but it'll probably be out later this year.


I was also told there'll be another Amp'd Mobile phone coming out from Kyocera called "Angel", and a Motorola phone codenamed "Hollywood" (though the name is subject to change).