Are you sick of your Staples brand "easy button"? No problem! Order one with your own logo/super hero symbol. Better yet, order 50 since that is the minimum.

Buzline is producing custom simplicity devices (synonyms for corporate catchphrases are failing me) that light up through USB power and even loads a URL when pushed. Will they reboot your computer and shoot nukes? No. But they will be sure to blow your company's integrity right out of the water (zing). Now, were a philanthropic modder to get hold of such large, USB button technology, who knows the possibilities *cough* Gizmodo button *cough*?


For anyone interested in the Buzline factory ad, hit the jump. It's a glorious combination of glowballs, smiling faces and 80s elevator rock.

Product Video:

Product Page [via therawfeed]