Custom Guitar Hero Turntable is Cooler Than Anything at CES

This is coolest Guitar Hero mod ever. Dubbed the "Scratch Blaster," it's a turntable modded to play GH. It's got the five fret buttons and rather than strumming, you scratch. It even has a shoulder strap so you can play it like some sort of mutant guitar/turntable hybrid. Make it wireless and make it work for Xbox 360 and I would pay dearly for one of these things. [YouTube]



I don't know about anyone else, but that thing looks really stupid. It's designed terribly, looks uncomfortable, and provides exactly the same, if not less, fun experience than the normal guitar controller. I mean, he's not even moving the turntable more than an inch in any direction; he should have at least extended the throw of the strum so you end up actually moving the record more than you would the strum bar on the controller.