The Cyber Heartbeat LED watch won't measure your actual heartbeat, but the whole living breathing human thing is so overrated.

The watch, coming in silver or black with a red or green display, uses a series of LEDs to mimic an EKG spiking in correlation to the time. You can either choose to view this display through a button press only (leaving the face black most of the time), or burn it out 24/7...well 24/1, since the watch can only operate a day per charge if you opt to leave the lights on. Luckily, it's USB rechargeable.


The Cyber Heartbeat runs about $290, which may seem like a lot, only until you see a man choking in a restaurant one day, hold up your watch and exclaim, "It's OK, I bought a watch that makes me look like a doctor!" [Seahope via Technabob]

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