CyberWalk Virtual Reality Treadmill: This Is the Holodeck

The problem with walking through a virtual reality world is that you're subject to the physical world's spatial limitations. That's why the Enterprise's holodeck always gave me headaches. But I get it now: they had a CyberWalk.

CyberWalk is an omni-directional platform; essentially, a giant treadmill that adjusts its speed and direction to allow for unlimited exploration of a virtual space. It's the love child of a consortium of German, Italian, and Swiss labs that's able to detect when and how quickly a user is changing direction:

By precisely monitoring the position of the user on the platform using a Vicon motion-capture system, the controller computes estimates for the two variables and tries to adjust the speeds of the linear belts to keep the user close to the center — all without abrupt accelerations.


Sure, we still need to figure out how to make this work with multiple people and create hyper-realistic virtual reality and maybe a lovable pale android to take along for the ride, but trust me: we'll be matching wits with Moriarty before you know it. [IEEE Spectrum]

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