D-Link 3G Mobile Router Turns Wireless Broadband Into Wi-Fi

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D-Link crosses that twilight zone between mobile broadband wireless connections and Wi-Fi with its 3G Mobile Router. Just plug a compatible 3G notebook adapter into this baby's CardBus slot, and suddenly that EV-DO, UMTS or HSDPA network can be shared with any Wi-Fi enabled device.


Lock it up tight with WEP, WPA and WPA2 security, and then you're off and running with your choice of Wi-Fi or four ports of full duplex 10/100 switches. Plus, it works like any other Wi-Fi router if you don't have a wireless broadband card plugged into it.

The D-Link 3G Mobile Router will be available in two different models, one for EV-DO (model DIR-450, available now) and the other (DIR-451, available next month) for UMTS or HSDPA networks. Unfortunately, it's not cheap; $300 takes it home.


Product Page [D-Link]

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It hasn't even been a week since I started wondering if it was even possible to get a router that would somehow let me link a cellular internet provider's network to my home setup. At $300 it may actually pay for itself in less than a year.

This might actually be the ideal solution for more people than they realize; if you leave for vacation or business, you can take your home internets with you, no more seperate charges for DSL/Cable AND HSDPA/EVDO.