Illustration for article titled D-Link DIR-855 Router Blasts Wireless N Over Dual Channels

If you are looking for a serious solution for your home media streaming needs, D-Link's new DIR-855 Wireless N Router is offering simultaneous full-on dual 802.11n transmissions over both 2.4GHz and 5GHz channels. So, for those with heavy bandwith needs—this router will allow two people to go to town using their own independent high-speed channel.


The DIR-855 also features three dual external antennae, an OLED network activity display, Dual Active Firewall (SPI, NAT), Green Ethernet technology, backwards compatibility with 802.11a/g, and a 1 year warranty. Not to mention a hefty £169.99 ($340) price tag. No word on when we might see it in the states [D-Link and Trusted Reviews]


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