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In the interest of offering you even more ways to watch stuff when you're not around, D-Link just introduced the D-Link Wireless Internet Camera with 3G computability, letting you check out live video streams from any 3G phone. Of course, since we don't actually have 3G here in the US yet, it's not all that exciting, but it's good to know that eventually, when it does come rolling home, we'll have weird stuff to do with it. Just attach the camera to a small office or home network with 802.11g/b connection and the live camera feed can be pulled from the network using compatible cell phones that include a 3GPP player. The camera itself supports resolutions up to 640x480 with user selectable JPEG or MPEG-4 compression rates and you can also playback video from any Streaming Media Alliance (ISMA) compatible device that offers RealPlayer 10.5 and Quicktime 6.5. Also comes bundled with Windows-based surveillance software and a built-in web-based user interface.

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