Any old watch will tell you the date and time. Fancy ones tell you the date and sometimes the moon phase. The Urwerk UR-1001 Zeit Device is a pocketwatch so advanced it tells you how it's feeling.

Thanks to our portable timepieces, we all know where the hell we are in the day. The Swiss-made UR-1001 Zeit Device transcends its existence as a human accessory and keeps track of where it is in it's own life—as well as where it is in history. Hidden behind a cover on the back panel are the goods: a gauge that lets you know when the watch needs to be serviced, a 100-year dial which won't reset until after the original purchaser is dead, and finally an indicator which crawls upwards for 1,000 years—as long as someone remembers to wind it. The watch's intricate face has all the indications you'd expect from a top-shelf watch: time, date, how long until the watch needs a wind, and whether it's day or night. Worried it won't last a thousand years? The watch is made out of a tough, non-magnetic ARCAP alloy with a Sapphire crystal.


And of course this thing is a limited edition: The first of eight will be available in October. The price? A mere 340,000 Swiss Francs, which translates to 427,135.20 American Samoleans. Too expensive? Think of it this way: You've got 1,000 years to pay it off. [Urwerk]