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Daily Desired: An Office Chair Worth Dying In

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

The Sayl Chair is Herman Miller's minimalist masterpiece. After long weekends, I'm overcome by the feeling that I'll die in my office. That's a disturbing thought, but I'd feel mighty comfortable dying in a Sayl—I'd look good, too.

The world first saw the Sayl office chair last year, and we marveled at Yves Béhar's design. The chair's molded, plastic back with a Y-Shaped support is designed to hoist up your body much like towers and cables hoist a suspension bridge. The streamlined design looks great and saves on materials. I can see my epitaph now: Hard-working, comfortable, stylish AND eco-friendly.


So one year later, I can't believe I'm sitting in whatever the standard issue monstrosity my ass is under right now. At $499 the Sayl's cheaper than other high-design chairs and seems like a worthwhile investment. The chair will probably last forever—and might turn out to be the last place you ever sit down. [Herman Miller]


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