The iPad's a joy for reading, but you're screwed for writing anything longer than: "rad man, I'll see u ther. Excuse my brevity and any typos but touchscreens suck for typing, ok?" That's why I want a ClamCase. Star Wars-style.

The ClamCase is made of hard polycarbonate which protects your iPad on all sides. As the name suggests, the case opens up just like a laptop to reveal a Bluetooth keyboard. Shazzam. Blaster-proof Laptop-iPad. The ClamCase's center hinge rotates 360 degrees making it a flexible stand for watching video. The case weighs 1.7 pounds—ouch!—but it does come with a lithium-ion battery which the company claims will keep your iPad going for 90 hours of use. The force is with this one indeed!


We were excited about the ClamCase before, and we're positively stoked about the new limited-edition design called "The Trooper." The white design with black trim is supposedly based on a certain imperial cannon fodder from Star Wars. It's subtle, but we'll buy anything that smacks of Star Wars at all. Just don't tell George Lucas, because "The Trooper" looks to be completely unlicensed. The Trooper will cost you 150 clams. [ClamCase via Geeksugar]


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