Daily Desired: This Flashy Bicycle Is for Fashionistas

Yes, bikes are efficient transportation, but city people also love their bikes because they look cool. What you ride is a style choice. Wanna really stand out? The Mixie Straight Edge is a fashion-forward collision of urban bicycle trends.

The Mixie Straight Edge doesn't know what it is. A low-rider fixie? A speedy stunt bike? It sports a lightweight, 20-inch steel frame and a fixed cog—like a messenger's track bike—but it's got small, knobby wheels, and good brakes like a BMX bike. The hybrid design gives it the trappings of a tricked-out custom build. And those candy colors? I can't take my eyes off this thing. Join the ranks of the bike lane chic for $629. [Mixie via Urban Velo]


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