Daily Desired: This Pot Will Make You a Better Cook

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I'm going to go Bobby Knight on the next person who serves me terrible black beans—especially now that there's a new Le Creuset bean pot.


You've probably seen Le Creuset cookware in a store window and thought, "Gee that's pretty, but I don't need it." Nonsense! This pot will make you a better cook for $100. I can't believe people blow recipes as simple as black beans. I guess there's some spices involved, but black beans are a cinch: beans and water in pot, very low heat, very long time. Use teflon and you're screwed. This pot is made of heavy-duty stoneware so it absorbs the heat off your burners and distributes it evenly throughout the pot so your beans won't burn and won't dry out. Now you know. Don't bone it next time. [Le Creuset]

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Or you couold get a dutch oven and throw it in your oven for a while?