Dance Star Mickey Probably Dances Better Than You Do

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It's 2010 and everyone is dancing. Well, maybe not everyone but at least Donny Osmond and Mickey Mouse, as I saw this morning at the unveiling of Dance Star Mickey, the newest plush incarnation of everyone's favorite rodent.

Donny Osmond, reigning Dancing With the Stars champ, was on hand to unveil the new toy which, I'm glad to report, actually dances really well. Mickey stands about two feet tall and packs a lot of gear that makes him wiggle his tail with surprising fluidity. He gets down in six styles, including soul, disco, and techno, but sadly there's no fist pumping in that last one. But he does squeak out some suggestions while dancing to pump up his audience.

His moonwalk ain't bad, either. And despite his impressive dancing abilities Mickey doesn't lose any softness on the outside, remaining cuddly as ever to the touch.


While Dance Star Mickey's limber moves stole the spotlight, Donny himself couldn't help challenging life-size Mickey to a little dance contest of their own.

Dance Star Mickey, whose moves are powered by two AA batteries, mambos onto shelves in October and will electric slide into your home for $69.99.


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