Dart-Launching Pistol Guarantees a Bullseye Every Time

Most of Joerg Sprave's insane slingshot-based weapon designs never really have a practical application outside of wanton destruction, or making life really unpleasant for trespassers. But his latest creation—this dart-launching pistol—could vastly improve your game the next time you're at the pub.


Since darts are designed to be thrown by hand, it was apparently a little tricky designing an automated firing mechanism that could safely launch one without bending the shaft. Or at least it would have been tricky for someone who hasn't already designed weapons that can launch African throwing spears and pencils. All that's missing is a laser scope ensuring all your 'throws' are always on target, and a way to convince your friends the pistol is in no way against the rules. [YouTube]


Andrew Liszewski

How has this dude not been hired by the CIA yet? Or the German equivalent?