Datamosh Your Photos With This Glitch Art App

The chillwave vibes of Instagram filters like Rise and X-Pro II are almost unfailingly charming, but every now and then, I wish there were a filter that made my pictures look like a corrupt .jpg from a GeoCities page circa 1996, you know?

Now, there is: Glitché, a free iPhone app that lets you pull your photos through a series of common image errors (and styles of error) including slitscan, datamoshing, and regular old glitches. The app was released today by art director Vladimir Shreyder and developers Boris Golovnev and Ivan Shornikov, who describe it as a way to "distort your photos into works of digital art."


Glitché is just as retro-nostalgic as any Instagram filter, but the novelty here is still intact. And for those of us who don't have the chops to actually datamosh, it's a damn good simulacrum. Check it out on the App Store. [Creative Applications]

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