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Datel Lite Blue Tool Hacks the PSP 3000 With a Battery

Illustration for article titled Datel Lite Blue Tool Hacks the PSP 3000 With a Battery

The Datel Lite Blue Tool looks to be the best option we've got at the moment for hacking the PSP 3000. It's essentially a smart battery that clones Sony lab equipment to put the PSP 2000 and PSP 3000 into Service Mode. From this mode, users are approaching the PSP with the access of a Sony engineer and can load old, cracked firmware that's open to run homebrew. The Datel Lite Blue Tool will be available later this month for $30. So just how much are those SNES romz worth to you? [Maxconsole]


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Chris Pinto

check out pandora battery (tutorials) on google.


Go to walmart pick up an extended life psp battery.

-use a blade or screwdriver pop of the plastic coating.

-use small screwdriver or blade to break top pin of computer chip on battery (the chip has 6 pins coming of it, break the top right pin)...

- put plastic back on battery,... put in psp. wala !

- open back up solder pin back to bored.. or just push it back down either way will work really..

- keep or return to walmart.